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Day Trip Coach hire

Maidenhead – Day Trips Coach Hire
Set in the county of Berkshire, the town of Maidenhead is surrounded by stunning scenery as well as several charming towns and villages that are just waiting to be explored. However, getting around with public transportation here can be rather challenging, and if you are planning a special trip with family and friends a much better option is arranging day trips coach hire in Maidenhead. 
When you book minibus hire in Maidenhead, you will have the perfect opportunity to explore the whole county of Berkshire. The vehicle comes with a dedicated driver, who will be completely at your disposal throughout the day. You can schedule as many different stops as you wish and the driver will take care of all the details so that you can sit back and focus on enjoying an unforgettable experience with your nearest and dearest.  
The picturesque village of Ascot is home to Ascot racecourse and this is a popular place to enjoy the excitement of horse races. You and the rest of the people in your group will be able to travel to the Ascot races very easily with your hire vehicle, while there are also plenty of other local attractions to explore here such a chapels and stunning golf courses where you will have plenty of time to pause and play a round or two. 
The town of Windsor is also just a short drive away and the most famous attraction here by far is Windsor Castle. Parts of this royal residence are open to visitors throughout the year and the best way to admire it is by taking a guided tour. Other impressive attractions here include the charming Windsor Parish Church and Eton College.  
Of course, the beauty of arranging Maidenhead minibus hire is that you can also plan a much longer trip if you wish. You and the other people in you group will be able to sit back and enjoy the journey as you head to the city of London for the day. Your driver will be available to act as your own personal tour guide and take you on a route that winds past many of the most famous attractions in London so that you can admire them in comfort. You can also get out to take a closer look at London if you wish, safe in the knowledge that your driver will be waiting for you afterwards.