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Nights Out Minibus

Maidenhead Nites out Minibus Hire 
Maidenhead is a popular metropolis with some of the best parties going down each week. If you are planning for a nites out in Maidenhead we have just the right treat for you. We will give you a state-of-the-art Mercedes 16 seater with on-board music and drinks if you wish. 
It could also be a 24 seater Ford Transit or a few Volvos to travel conveniently in groups. The guarantee we give you is that you will be at every party or event as it happens.
Things to Do in Maidenhead 
Before getting to the grand party in the evening, you can spend the day hunting for some of these attractions. Our minibus hire in Maidenhead driver will be glad to drive you to any of them. 
The Cliveden 
It is the exact place to go when you have some money to spend and want some fine dining. The Cliveden is a plush country house hotel just on the outskirts, and close to Heathrow Airport. Walk in and marvel at the finely decorated interior with expensive white linen, European cutlery and French cum English menu. As you dig into some good food, you can gaze around and admire the clock tower, cadre or the in-house fountain.  
The Heritage Centre 

If you fancy a little bit of Maidenhead history, the Heritage Centre is where you will get great accounts of what happened in the past. Get to see some interesting artefacts or manuscripts used in the pre-Roman time to present day. An added perk is the spitfire flight simulator inside the centre which visitors can get to try and be thrilled by the experience. 
The Boulter’s Lock  
When you can’t get to Cliveden Hotel, the Boulter’s Lock is another alternative that is equally exquisite and with great service. It is designed like a French informal restaurant as well (or brasserie) offering an extensive French menu and of course some of the English cuisine delights. You will fall in love with the in-house bar, designed in Terrace style with a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscapes. 
Events in Maidenhead 
I. Hear the Sound of Silence Concert, Norden Farm Centre, Maidenhead (26th Feb 2016) 
II. Rory McGrath Comedy Night, Norden Farm Centre, Maidenhead (11th Mar 2016) 
III. Experience the World of Folk Music (Live), Norden Farm Centre, Maidenhead (25th Feb 2016) 
Why Choose Us 
For all your minibus hire in Maidenhead inquiries, we are the right people to talk to. We have vast experiencing providing minibus hire services and we know where all the best parties are happening. Visit our Maidenhead minibus hire website to book your first couch hire and know where the first nite out will be.